Alba G. Corral

coder — visualist — artivist


A Taste Of Nature

Björt Rùnars & Alba G. Corral

A Taste of Nature is a duo with the  musician Björt Rùnars. It was formed as a result of a constant collaboration that these two artists had with the musician and composer Miguel Marín, Arbol. In 2014 they started the dual project to experiment new sonoric and visual paths.


Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral

Sound, image, space and time fuse perfectly into a formally unique synesthetic entity: poetic hypermedia, oniric and organic, deployed in the space under the control of the two performers.


Claudio puntin & Alba G. Corral

Live at Multiphonics Festival Cologne 2017.


Carles Viarnès & Alba G. Corral



Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral

An immersive fulldome audiovisual performance with a coherent artistic proposition focusing on what turns out to be an original and hypermedia-specific pathway.


Amaranta Velarde & Alba G. Corral

An acoustic, visual and choreographic experience where the dancer is the DJ too, performing live at the same time as he dances choreographic scores accompanied by visual pieces generated in real time.

“A good mix of prediction and surprise seems to be at the heart of best technique.”

Wendy Carlos

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