Alba G. Corral

coder — visualist — artivist


Ex(o) en Biennale Memo





© Quentin Chevrier
Nemo / Philharmonie de Paris / 7th February 2020
ex(O) – Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral

ex(O) is a singular audiovisual performance merging the aesthetics and technical researches of musician Alex Augier and visual artist Alba G. Corral into a transversal and coherent artistic proposition, focusing on what turns out to be an original and hypermedia-specific pathway.

Sound, image, space and time fuse perfectly into a formally unique synesthetic entity: poetic hypermedia, oniric and organic, deployed in the space under the control of the two performers.

The conception of this hypermedia piece implies that no dimension takes control over the other but instead completes and enriches it. The proposition puts aside the work where image and sound are used for their illustrative, informative or narrative aspects and to put into focus what appears to be an original and hypermedia-specific pathway.


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