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First Floor Festival Shibuya @Circus Tokyo





Emergence installation presented in Circus Tokyo #fff

I just come from Tokyo to participate in a beatiful experience in the First Floor Festival In Sibuya.

I did n  premiere installation: “Emergence” (more info later) ,  lecture, live paint visuals, a secret performance and a vj jam at last. Happy with the japanesse sensibility


“Run by acclaimed German art musician Alva Noto (aka Carsten Nicolai), the Raster-Noton label focuses on stylish minimalism, as exhibited by artists like Emptyset and Kim Cascone. Expect plenty of visitors associated with the brand at this new and promising-looking get-together, organised by Japan’s Raster-Noton representatives Kyoka and Ueno Masaaki. The inaugural First Floor Festival takes over Ochiai’s Soup on a Sunday evening and welcomes one of Berlin’s most innovative producers as headliner. Originally from Bielefeld in northwestern Germany, Grischa Lichtenberger is a prodigious, multi-disciplinary artist whose activities also reach into installations and other visual productions. Combining easily digestible beats with raw, industrial power, his tracks challenge the listener by travelling from avant-garde noise to almost pop-like soundscapes.” (

Kyoka, Headless Horseman, Eomac, Ueno Masaki and me in SibuyaKyoka、Ueno Masaakiキュレーションによる現在進行形のアートシーンにおける、未開拓領域の表現の可能を追求し続けるプロジェクト<FFF>、第3弾開催決定!Headless Horseman、Eomac今旬なアーティスト達をむかえ、パーティのみならず、レクチャーやインスタレーションも開催!

Kyoka / Ueno Masaaki /  Sawako / /  / Keiko Kimoto

FFF in Tokyo #shibuya #shibuyacrossing #headlesshorseman #headlesstechno #kyoka #uenomasaaki #eomac #eomac_music #tokyo #fff #circustokyo #energy #busy #peace

Una publicación compartida de Headless Horseman (@headlesstechno) el

Visual Installation Capture by the great artist Kimoto Keiko


Happy Testing. Photo headless horseman

Kyoka Queen! Photo: headless horseman


Eomac and Kyoka in the lecture . Photo: headless horseman


Ueno, Kyoka, Sawako, Kimoto Keiko and me in the lecture – Photo: headless horseman


Kyoka with her tricks in the lecture – – Photo: headless horseman


PLaying in the secrt performance. Photo: Elena Buenavida

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Secret Guest visuals

[evp_embed_video url=””]
Eomac in action


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