Alba G. Corral

coder — visualist — artivist


dimension N – Alba Corral & Darius Makaruk



DIMENSION N – A premiere of audiovisual project created as a result of meeting two art personalities: Alba Corral – visual artist from Barcelona combining generative systems with improvised drawing techniques and Dariusz Makaruk – music producer and live electronics musician, which worked with Michał Urbaniak and Tomasz Stańko among others.

The effect of this meeting is fascinating impact of two artistics impressions in a way of multidimensional audiovisual live performance

Patchlab 2015 (Krakow)

Desxifrant el Codi Lela

12068524_1166717863343113_1861282723372538743_o 12080254_1166717970009769_3004803526655572006_o 12087315_1166717653343134_6693310521436084140_o 12094751_1166716650009901_5929355861566027640_o 12113429_1166717336676499_2892180068036105166_o.

Desxifrant el Codi Lela


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