Alba G. Corral

coder — visualist — artivist

Alba G. Corral

coder — visualist — artivist


Samsung: Curved with Floria Sigismondi



Generative processing Artwork Piece in 4k realtime for Samsung Curved UHD spot directed by Floria Sigismondi

Collaboration, production and staging have been lovely.
It is so inspiring to work with passionate people.

Here a little interview about the project!

How did you become a video artist ?
I started around 2006 when I moved from Madrid to Barcelona. I started my artistic carreer with photography but the great electronic scene in Barcelona at that moment inspired me to start projecting visuals. I used to work with code and when I met Processing tool, i found the perfect medium to create and express myself.

Can you describe your personal style to us ?
My style is imperfect. At the beginning of working on real time, I used only three colors: red, black and white, but since then my work has been evolving in many ways. I started with circles, then lines, then triangles, ending up using more complex forms and compositions, generated by a simpler code. I always say that my artwork comes from my stomach.

How did you arrive on the Samsung project ?
Manuel Romero (  Jon Blud‘s crew), knew me from Space In Between  (an Audiovisual project with Nikka ) . He saw us on Live, and he felt that my visual style would fit in on the Samsung spot.

Have you worked for a commercial before ?
No, it was my first time!

Your meeting with Floria…
From the first moment I felt connection with her. I started to paint with code in real time and she understood the metodology immediately. She started to talk with me about the colors, and the movement that she had in her mind. It was so easy to understand.. She is a person so visual!

The creation process to achieve  what we have in the film?
The most important clue was the color. In my past pieces I was constructing kind of dark environments, and for this project were needed light and bright full colors. A completely different look and feel.

Did you have some issues?
Technically recorded in real time in a 4k file has been complicated because we needed a powerful machine that could handle the performance with any further edition. Working with such a resolution was a great experience. You have so many detail, precision, and such a big canvas to print..!

What is the difference with this job and the request you usually have with other clients ?
When I perform real-time visuals is usually for concerts and  live music. This time was different. I had to create the piece following a external idea. Working with an agency, with a big team of professionals and an external art direction, you have to have confidence in your work and trust  the guidelines that come to you from the outside.

Samsung Curved Floria Sigismondi Alba G. Corral

Happy with the piece. Thanks Marcos for the photo!!!

Samsung Curved Floria Sigismondi Alba G. Corral

Scene Shootting

Samsung Curved Floria Sigismondi Alba G. Corral

The body moves the piece, the tool, Floria’s idea. 🙂

Samsung Curved Floria Sigismondi Alba G. Corral

Shooting Scene : Keystone, Quad and Believe. Good Team!

Samsung Curved Floria Sigismondi Alba G. Corral

Samsung Curved Floria Sigismondi Alba G. Corr

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